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1996-P004 - Hansen, Joe D.

(26) negatives and contacts, taken from "Narrative Report: Elm Island BF-1 - Panther Creek BF-2" March - April 1938. Photos from various jobs worked on by CCC in March and April of 1938. There is another CCC report, donated in 1992, covering the years 1936-1937.

1992-P006 - Plolemy, Margaret

(16) original postcards and prints front the Lawton area. Included are Medicine Park and the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. FAMILY HISTORY: none found

1992-P011 - Hansen, Joe D.

(103) images of (110) originals photographs. Some images have multiple photographs. Negatives and contacts were made for each image. There is a second Joe Hansen Collection (96-P4), taken from a report written for the CCC in 1938. WPA construction of dams and road up Mt. Scott. Dam Construction includes: Gramma Flats Dam Lower Blue Beaver Dam Quanah Parker Stilling Pool Dam Other images include: French Lake, Lake Jed Johnson Basin, Armistice Day Parade (Lawton), Holy City, Rush Lake, storeet paving (Walters, Okla.), Main Street (Bellevue, Okla)

1989-P005 - Unknown Collection

(7) copy negatives and (2) originals, most from Lawton's first year. Matted originals (#2 and #4) of surveyors; copy prints of tent city, and a World War I military parade (#7), probably downtown Lawton.

1984-P044 - Caha, Stanley, Mrs.

(4) copy negatives relating to early Comanche County settlers. #1 = Harmony School, ca. 1914; #2 = Fletcher farmhouse of Frank G. and Mary Nemecheck Novak, 1906. #3 = Fletcher parade, 1909. #4 = Joseph Caha and wife on their farm outside Lawton, 1918. FAMILY HISTORY: Stanley Caha's father, Joseph, came to the KCA land lottery in 1901, drew #2238, and chose land southeast of Cache, Okla. Stanley (1903-1980) was born while they still lived in a dugout. The children walked 2½ miles to Blue Beaver School. In 1931, Stanley married Pauline Novak of Fletcher, Okla. and they moved across the road from the Caha homestead. Pauline's father, Frank G. Novak (1872-1965) was born in Prague, Cz

1981-P024 - Johnson, Shirley

(197) copy negatives and contacts; originals (all except two) returned to donor. Depicting rural life in Roosevelt, Okla. (Kiowa County) with farming views. Some Armistice Day Parade image from Lawton and Medicine Park swimming. John Shirley Johnson and his wife gave two interviews in Feb, 1981. The tapes and transcripts were placed in the Oral History Collections (93-4). John Shirley was born Oct. 15, 1897 in Waco, Texas. His family settled southwest of Roosevelt, Okla. in 1906. "Shirley" was a rural mail carrier for 35 years. He married Lonita Isabelle Reneau on July 21, 1924. Her father bought a relinquishment five miles north of Roosevelt and the Reneaus had a dairy business.

1979-P055 - Hobbs-Thomas, Lurline

(23) accession numbers totalling (44) images in collection, some numbers used multiple times with letters of the alphabet (13a-g, 17a-g, 18a-j). Photographs include original prints, one tintype, postcards, and three cirkut phtoos (placed in Map Case D). (15) negatives have been made in-house. Most deal with Lawton-Ft. Sill, but some images were taken outside immediate area (Temple, Cleveland County, Texas, Florida, and Colorado indicated). FAMILY HISTORY: Hobbs family headed to Lawton on July 1, 1901 from Norman, Oklahoma. They traveled in three colored wagons, had six horses, and drove eleven head of cattle, milk cows, with which her mother established a dairy in lawton after the op

1979-P056 - Burgess, L. Edward

(49) accessioned images, with (54) physical photographs (some duplicates). These are mainly early postcards, with views of Lawton, (5) views of Medicine Park, and (1) each of Craterville Park and the Wichita Mts. Negatives have been produced in-house for each image. L. Edward Burgess was a civil service employee at Ft. Sill. His wife's name was Ruth.

1979-P006 - Lamb, James F., Mrs.

(2) negatives donated (copy print made from negs. in-house) 1- firing cannons at WWI parade in Lawton 2- 75mm cannon at Fort Sill, Okla. Mrs. Lamb lived in Oklahoma City at the time of the donation.

1979-P024 - Indians

(42) images of Native Americans, grouped in one collection from unknown donors. There are (6) prints, (36) postcards, and (3) copy negs..

Image of 1973-P013:00024 - Buckingham, Harry

1973-P013:00024 - Buckingham, Harry

Lawton's 13th Anniversary Parade. Postcard

1978-P048 - Keegan, Ray, Mrs.

(57) images, most of them postcards, and (33) copy negatives. Images include the 1913 Lawton Anniversary Parade, Keegan Hotel, Fort Sill and Camp Doniphan, businesses and homes in Lawton, aviation photos, and some views of various towns in Oklahoma. FAMILY HISTORY: Edith Julia Tedford (1889-1975) was born in Missouri, and arrived in Lawton in 1901. She married Ray on Nov. 3, 1909 in Lawton. Thomas Raymond Keegan (1887-1961) came to Enid, O.T. with his parents at the time of the Cherokee Strip Run in 1889. He moved to Lawton in 1901. His banking career became with the Oklahoma State Bank. He was later employed by the Citizens' State Bank, which later became American National Ba

1974-P039 - Warner, Martha B.

(49) images of early Lawton from 1901 through pioneer parade in 1954. Portraits of some will known people included. FAMILY HISTORY: Martha Burton Warner (1880-1977) was born in Illinois. She moved to Oklahoma and came to Lawton in August 1901 with her parents and two sisters. Her family opened a tent cafe the day of the opening (Aug. 6th) and operated it until Jan. 1902. Her biscuits became famous in town, and people called her "The Biscuit Girl." She was married in 1906 to George Littleton Warner of Ohio, who came to work in Lawton for the U.S. Geological Survey on local engineering projects. The couple made their home in Ohio several years before Mr. Warner died in 1916. After hi

1974-P057 - Brooks, G.M.

(20) photos and (20) copy negatives. Most images are views of Lawton's Birthday Parade, from 1939-1949. There are also two parade photos from 1913 and 1914. One postcard of Fifth Ward Public School, 1914. Negatives for entire collection available. FAMILY HISTORY: George Melvin Brooks(1875- ) was born in Missouri. He was a Spanish-American war veteran. He married Emma Clay Brooks (1876-1968) in Missouri on Sept 24, 1902, and they ran a drugstore that "Mel" had purchased in Holt, Missouri for two years. In July 1904, they moved to Comanche County, Okla. and lived on a farm in the Pumpkin Center (Letitia) community (11 miles east and 2 miles south of Lawton). The couple won first

1973-P039 - Fort Sill, Oklahoma

(8) originals and (3) copy negs. Images of soldiers and equipment, 1910. Also Camp Doniphan, ca. World War I and Lawton parade (1910). Unknown donor. The 35th Division was constituted on 18 July 1917 as one of the 17 National Guard divisions authorized for service in World War I. The division was organized on 25 August 1917 at Camp Doniphan, Oklahoma (today a part of Fort Sill) from the National Guard of Kansas and Missouri. The division was made up of regiments which had been on active Federal service since March and April 1917. The 35th consisted of three machinegun battalions, three field artillery regiments, four infantry regiments, one engineer regiment and one signal battalion w

1973-P037 - Farrell, Francis, Mrs.

(1) postcard and copy print - United Daughters of the Confederacy in Lawton Birthday Parade. Mrs. Day and Ruth Phillips leading the group. Not sure about this donor; there is a Francis J. Farrell (wife Blanche), who first shows up in Lawton in 1972. Their address is 504 NW Euclid Ave. There is a Francis J. Farrell Jr. (wife Mary B.) who was living in Lawton in the 1950s and 1960s. They lived at 7½ N 6th Street.

1973-P013 - Buckingham, Harry

(36) copy negs., most from Great Plains states (Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma). Family images, buildings, parades - some postcards. Lawton's dedication of the Federal Recreational Building (1942). Copy negatives produced for entire collection. PERSONAL HISTORY: Harry Buckingham (1869-1956) was the son and grandson of newspaper publishers. He graduated from the University of Kansas in1889 with a degree in civil engineering. He was engaged in the wholesale grocery and hardware business in Kingfisher. Buckingham moved to Lawton in 1902 and lived in his warehouse for many, many years. His papers were donated to the MGP archives, and reveal him as a wealthy and eccentric bachelor.

1973-P009 - Tilton, H.M., Mrs.

(110) images including postcards, originals and prints with (65) negatives depicting early Lawton and Fort Sill, Wichita Mts., stores downtown (ca. 1907-1909 and 1930s). Also Lawton first sewage disposal plant (1929), homesteaders coming to register at Ft. Sill, Comanche Indian School students (1909), first Lawton High School graduating class (1903), and construction on first 50 feet of Lake Lawtonka Dam. FAMILY HISTORY: Nellie Irene Wolverton (1885-) was born on Oct. 29th in Rich Hall, Bates County, Missouri. The Wolverton family of five moved to Lawton in 1901 to buy lots The family built and established Wolverton Hardware, Wolverton Tinsmith Company, the John Deere Implement Comp

Image of 1973-P009:00054 - Tilton, Mrs. H.M.

1973-P009:00054 - Tilton, Mrs. H.M.

Parade - marching band and Cameron's champion dairy herd.

Image of 1973-P009:00101 - Tilton, Mrs. H.M.

1973-P009:00101 - Tilton, Mrs. H.M.

"Kiwanis Club, Lawton, Okla. in streets of [on parade] Mineral Wells, Texas. There is a band in the streets, the members are holding a sign which reads "Kiwanis Club Lawton, Oklahoma--The Playground of the Southwest."