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Name Wichita Mountains

Associated Records

Image of 1972-P001:00013 - Cook, Bert I.

1972-P001:00013 - Cook, Bert I.

bottom image : "OFF ON THE RUN : about 8000 acres to roam over. ca. 1907-1909"

1997-P007 - Doub, Margaret

(110) images, some are duplicates. These images were originally part of a photo album, that Margaret gave to the Museum. The following note was found inside the album: "The Cheyenne Suite These pictures of Chief Lean Elk, of the Cheyennes, and members of his family are presented to Jack Simmons, a close personal friend of the Cheyennes. Like the dress the Cheyennes made for Miss Margaret - all with their own hands - as an expression of friendship and appreciation, I have completely, and unaided, made and finished these pictures for the Simmons. H.C. Pipkin Amarillo, Texas." FAMILY HISTORY: Jack Simmons was Margaret's father. Hot-me-o-mah-si (Cheyenne) made the buckskin dr

1996-P004 - Hansen, Joe D.

(26) negatives and contacts, taken from "Narrative Report: Elm Island BF-1 - Panther Creek BF-2" March - April 1938. Photos from various jobs worked on by CCC in March and April of 1938. There is another CCC report, donated in 1992, covering the years 1936-1937.

1995-P009 - Dixon's Photographic Past

(239) images, including (5) negatives. All images were given to the Museum on foam board,; (8) images matted, and (1) image framed. Use of A with accession number; maybe photos returned, skipped The collection came from an exhibition, called "Lawton's Photographic Past by Bill Dixon," which showed at the Museum Sept 25 through Dec 1, 1994. It was on display a second time in the Museum's Gallery A , ca. 2002. Most photographs are black and white. Box 1: #1-22A, inclusive Box 2: oversized Box 3: #26A-60, inclusive Box 4: #61-145, inclusive Box 5: #146-185, inclusive Box 6: #187-235 Box 7: #236-289, inclusive Box 8: matted images and inventory FAMILY HISTORY: Wilil

1994-P001 - Marler, Jimmy & Helen

(111) images, some negatives. Historical photographs from the Lawton - Ft. Sill area, including US Army photographs from Ft. Sill and the Wichita Mt. Wildlife Refuge, archaeological sites and items found there. Arch'l sites include Cobb Creek and Kerr Site 1 & . In addition are views of old Star House, petroglyphs on Camelback Mt (Kiowa Co.) and Pueblo ruins in Alibates State Park. Also some Quanah Parker Reunion photos.

1993-P011 - Crane, George, Mrs.

(3) photo postcards, ca. 1910s #1 - Camp Doniphan (Fort Sill), Okla. #2 - Camp Doniphan (Fort Sill), Okla. #3 - Buffalo in Wichita National Forest, Okla. FAMILY HISTORY: Mrs. Lura L. Hadley Crane was born on November 26, 1883 in Hayes, Kansas. Both Lura and her future husband George W. Crane (1878-1958) came to Lawton in 1901 for the Land Lotlery. George was the lucky winner who drew #683 in the lottery (he was the 642nd person to select property) and he chose farmland one mile north and six miles west of the city of Lawton. The couple were married on Dec. 24, 1903. By 1913, the Cranes were living at 1301 A Ave. in Lawton. George operated a business with James W. Hadley (his fath

1992-P006 - Plolemy, Margaret

(16) original postcards and prints front the Lawton area. Included are Medicine Park and the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. FAMILY HISTORY: none found

Image of 1972-P001:00014 - Cook, Bert I.

1972-P001:00014 - Cook, Bert I.

top image "looking west over the buffalo pens and the sheds at Sunset Peak in the distance. Ca. 1907-1909."

1992-P011 - Hansen, Joe D.

(103) images of (110) originals photographs. Some images have multiple photographs. Negatives and contacts were made for each image. There is a second Joe Hansen Collection (96-P4), taken from a report written for the CCC in 1938. WPA construction of dams and road up Mt. Scott. Dam Construction includes: Gramma Flats Dam Lower Blue Beaver Dam Quanah Parker Stilling Pool Dam Other images include: French Lake, Lake Jed Johnson Basin, Armistice Day Parade (Lawton), Holy City, Rush Lake, storeet paving (Walters, Okla.), Main Street (Bellevue, Okla)

1984-P066 - Summerlot, Jean

(2) copy negatives #1= farm scene in Hulen, Okla. #2 = dam in Wildlife Refuge No donor info avail.

Image of 1973-P005:00015 - Pratt, Beth Perisho

1973-P005:00015 - Pratt, Beth Perisho

"Entrance to Wichita National Game Preserve. Woman posing beside car under gate."

1989-P001 - Crow, Rickie

(209) copy negatives associated with the Crow Family from Geronimo, Okla. Written genealogy for Lila Sanders. Box 1 = #1 - #60 Box 2 = #61 - #120 Box 3 = #121 - #180 loose = #181 - #209 FAMILY HISTORY: Richard Crow (father of donor) worked for Allen's Body Shop in Geronimo. Mary F. and Richard live on Base Line Road, east of Lawton. Richard Crow and brother Gary Crow opened Crow's Body Shop, ca. 1977. Gary also worked with the Lawton Fire Dept. at this time.

1989-P013 - Joyner, Sam

Panoramic views; (2) negatives and (1) original (#2). #1 = Medicine Park, 1918. #2 = Fort Sill, 1918. Original available; bad condition. FAMILY HISTORY: Samuel Andrew Joyner, Jr.(1911-1979) was born on June 29, 1911. He graduated from Lawton High and Cameron College, and also attended Hill's Business College in Oklahoma City. He started working at Miller Hardware Store in 1930 as a bookkeeper, became assistant manager and later office manager in 1951 or 1952 (and owner). He served on the Lawton school board for 18 years, acting as President in 1959. Sam died on Oct. 5, 1979. His father, Samuel Andrew Joyner (1860-1953), was born in Arkansas and became a druggist in Roswell,

1989-P014 - Joyner, Bill

(8) originals and (5) negatives (#1 - #5). Subjects include early Lawton commercial interiors; unknown portraits, which are hand tinted; poster advertising lots in Medicine Park. The two portraits are in the map case; laminated poster is in oversize box. FAMILY HISTORY: William Spurlock Joyner was born in Lawton on Nov. 1, 1915. He graduated from Lawton High in 1934. He worked for various Lawton businesses (Fairmont Creamery, Wertz Fruit Co.,and Wilson Concrete & Tile Co.) In 1956, he sold his interest in the Builders Equipment & Supply Co. and became an assistant supervisor for architect Paul Harris. In 1959, he became manager at Miller Hardware Company, and stayed there th

1989-P017 - Halloran, Arthur F.

There are (556) items, with many duplications (photos numbering 1-294, plus seven pages of unnumbered negatives. Item breakdown: (434) prints, (41) accessioned negs, (122) unnumbered negs., (1) tintype, (8) postcards, (21) slides, (2) glass plates. Collection subjects include family photos, animal habitats, museum pieces, and images from "The Nature Man." FAMILY HISTORY: Halloran was born in San Francisco and earned a B.S. at the University of California at Berkeley in 1930, where he majored in forestry. He earned a Masters degree in 1941 in Wildlife Management at Texas A&M University. He met and married (1934) Audrey Garner in California,and they lived in various nataional parks o

1988-P001 - Leath, Grandma

(3) copy negatives: #1 and #2 = Dr. Baird's Sanitarium, 1922. #3 = Silver Horn or Haun-Goo-Ah(Kiowa chief and artist), Frank Rush Sr. (owner of Craterville Park) and Hunting Horse or Tsa-To-Kee (Kiowa scout), 1928. Probably taken at Craterville Park during the filming of "Around the World in 80 Days." FAMILY HISTORY: Ruby "Grandma" Hull was born in Texas in 1914. She married Rex Leath in 1938, and they ran an appliance store in Walters. After living there 21 years, they moved to Lawton (for 8 years) and continued to operate the store. From Lawton, they moved to Medicine Park in 1964, and bought the Old Plantation (also known as the Outside Inn), moving into the vacant 2nd floor. N

1988-P002 - Bates, Lenora & Edward

(312) total images: (307) original images and (5) copy negatives received in trade; photos taken out of album. Most images are landscape views from the Wichita Mountains, Medicine Park and Fort Sill, taken by Edward Bates. Bates Studio (1905-1918) located at 423-425 D Ave., Lawton. He also worked out of Medicine Park. ADDED 7/31/2007: (9) original Kodak envelopes found in archives, "Bates Studio / 4th St. Next to City Hall" with descriptions written on the envelopes. 1924-1926 - describe Wichita Mountains, Craterville, and Medicine Park.

Image of 1973-P008:00005 - Clifford, Claude W.

1973-P008:00005 - Clifford, Claude W.

Mt. Sheridan, Wichita Mts., Oklahoma

1988-P008 - Corwin Estate

(1) original portrait (Edna B. Williams) and (1) album. Lots of small and unidentified photos glued to album sheets include football at Cameron College, World War One, and Wichita Mountains excursions. FAMILY HISTORY: Hugh Delmaine Corwin (1896-1986) was born in Ohio and arrived in Lawton by Frisco train on December 28, 1904. His parents bought a farm 5 miles SE of Lawton. Corwin graduated from Cameron in May 1913. He taught band and manual training at Cameron from 1921-1927, and taught at Lawton High in 1928. In 1929, he opened an insurance business. He was appointed to the Comanche County Excise and Equalization Board in 1940, and served 6 years. In 1946, he married Ella Marie Go

1988-P009 - Haley, Jack

(104) images, with (98) copy negatives and (8) copy prints. Ranching and harvesting scenes from Southwestern Oklahoma, Oklahoma City and the Wichita Mountains. Some photos originally from the Western History Collection. FAMILY HISTORY: Jack D. Haley was born in 1931 and grew up in the shadow of the Wichita Mountains, on the Haley Ranch in Roosevelt, adjacent to the west boundary of the Wichita Mts. Wildlife Refuge. His parents were children of early-day settlers in western Oklahoma. In September 1957, Jack became the assistant archivist of the Western History Collections and an instructor of bibliography on the faculty of the University of Oklahoma Library. He helped enlist support