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Name Medicine Park

Associated Records

1996-P010 - White, Catherine

(9) original prints of family and friends: #1 = Cache Valley School, 1923 #2 = on road, in front of Medicine Park sign, 1910s #3 = two girls on shore of Lake Lawtonka #4 = Audry Myers with chickens #5 = at Lake Lawtonka #6 = Bennet Studio, Erick, Okla. (Beckham Co.) #7 = Mr. ansd Mrs. Eastan #8 = Mrs. Taylor and two daughters #9 = portrait of Stella Slobodny FAMILY HISTORY: Catherine Myers White grew up in southwest Oklahoma. She was going to school in Mayfield, northwest of Sayre. Her parents lived in Lawton. Her husband, Cullen, returned to New York after fighting in Germany during World War I. He was sent to Camp Bowie (Fort Worth) and then discharged and returned to Lawto

Image of 1973-P005:00058 - Pratt, Beth Perisho

1973-P005:00058 - Pratt, Beth Perisho

"Resort at Medicine Park."

1994-P009 - Holman, Betty

(1) oversize photograph. "Medicine Park Oklahoma's Famous Summer Resort, 1918." Looking east; view of swimming area, swinging rope bridge, boulder buildings, summer cottages and people standing on foot bridge.

1992-P006 - Plolemy, Margaret

(16) original postcards and prints front the Lawton area. Included are Medicine Park and the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. FAMILY HISTORY: none found

1988-P001 - Leath, Grandma

(3) copy negatives: #1 and #2 = Dr. Baird's Sanitarium, 1922. #3 = Silver Horn or Haun-Goo-Ah(Kiowa chief and artist), Frank Rush Sr. (owner of Craterville Park) and Hunting Horse or Tsa-To-Kee (Kiowa scout), 1928. Probably taken at Craterville Park during the filming of "Around the World in 80 Days." FAMILY HISTORY: Ruby "Grandma" Hull was born in Texas in 1914. She married Rex Leath in 1938, and they ran an appliance store in Walters. After living there 21 years, they moved to Lawton (for 8 years) and continued to operate the store. From Lawton, they moved to Medicine Park in 1964, and bought the Old Plantation (also known as the Outside Inn), moving into the vacant 2nd floor. N

1988-P002 - Bates, Lenora & Edward

(312) total images: (307) original images and (5) copy negatives received in trade; photos taken out of album. Most images are landscape views from the Wichita Mountains, Medicine Park and Fort Sill, taken by Edward Bates. Bates Studio (1905-1918) located at 423-425 D Ave., Lawton. He also worked out of Medicine Park. ADDED 7/31/2007: (9) original Kodak envelopes found in archives, "Bates Studio / 4th St. Next to City Hall" with descriptions written on the envelopes. 1924-1926 - describe Wichita Mountains, Craterville, and Medicine Park.

1988-P009 - Haley, Jack

(104) images, with (98) copy negatives and (8) copy prints. Ranching and harvesting scenes from Southwestern Oklahoma, Oklahoma City and the Wichita Mountains. Some photos originally from the Western History Collection. FAMILY HISTORY: Jack D. Haley was born in 1931 and grew up in the shadow of the Wichita Mountains, on the Haley Ranch in Roosevelt, adjacent to the west boundary of the Wichita Mts. Wildlife Refuge. His parents were children of early-day settlers in western Oklahoma. In September 1957, Jack became the assistant archivist of the Western History Collections and an instructor of bibliography on the faculty of the University of Oklahoma Library. He helped enlist support

1988-P014 - Lattimore Family

(2185) items with 1588 accession numbers (some images have multiply copies). Images include family portraits, John Lattimore's military career, and Edith Dickson Lattimore's school and married life. Box 1: #1 - 100 Box 2: #101 - 300 Box 3: #301 - 500 Box 4: #501 - 700 Box 5: #701 - 1000 Box 6: #1001 - 1300 Box 7: #1301 - 1588 Box 8: oversized FAMILY HISTORY: Ruby Russell (1896-1978 ) moved to Lawton with her parents in 1901. The family lived in a tent on Cache Creek, east of Lawton, while waiting to get into a house in Lawton. Ruby graduated from Lawton High in 1915, and married Col. Walter C. Lattimore in OKC on June 30, 1921. Walter was stationed at Fort Sill in the

1984-P012 - Johnson, Gene

(62) copy negatives (including #1-61, and #216); contacts for all images. Most views in southwest Oklahoma (Lawton, Medicine Park, Fort Sill). FAMILY HISTORY: Eugene Willard Johnson's grandfather, Jake Talmadge, had a brick yard in Duncan ( Stephens County),Okla. His father, Harry Clay Johnson, worked in a barber shop there, before he met his future wife. Jake came to Lawton at the opening (1901), and was a foreman on Lawton's first paved street. Gene's uncle, Roy Talmadge, and his Grandfather Jake, both worked on the Lake Lawtonka Dam. His parents traveled back and forth to Missouri many times (his mother must have been from there), and that is where Gene was born. In 1911, his m

1982-P011 - Johnson, Claude W.

(37) copy negatives and contacts ; originals returned to donor. Including family photos, Oklahoma National Guard Camp at Ft. Sill, Medicine Park and Wildlife Refuge, and two Hobart High School images. He was born in Port, Okla and went to school in Sentinel, northwest of Hobart, Kiowa County. Claude Johnson gave an interview on Nov. 25, 1981. The tapes and transcripts were placed in the Oral History Collections (93-4). FAMILY HISTORY: Claude Wesley Johnson was born in Port, Okla., northwest of Hobart, on June 29, 1910. He went to school in Sentinel and Billings, Okla. and worked, for a time, on the railroad. Claude married Bessie Harris on April 29, 1934. He worked as a proj

1982-P012 - Johnston, Jimmy

(10) copy negatives and contacts , originally postcards, and (1) 8" x 10" copy print of an aerial view of downtown Lawton, pre-Urban Renewal. Postcard views are: Indian School, Medicine Park, Wichita Mountains, Mattie Beal house, Comanche Co. Courthouse, Congregational Church, and Geronimo. FAMILY HISTORY: James W. Johnston and Harry Cannute established C&J Printing Company in 1945, in the basement of a building at 5th and C Ave. In 1947, James bought his partner out and moved the business to a storefront. In 1956, he designed, built and moved the printing business to its present location. James became director of the Lawton Heritage Assoc. (caretakers of the Mattie Beal Home) in 197

1979-P059 - Unknown

(6) cirkut photographs and (2) oversized negatives all found without donor noted, and placed in collection named "Unknown". stored in Map Case D; copy negatives on shelf #1 = Camp Doniphan, 1917 #2 = Camp Doniphan, 1918 #3 = Lawton, 1918 #5 = Field Artillery School, 1941 #6 = Lawton High School, 1922 #8 = Medicine Park, 1922

1979-P062 - Reinwand, A.M.

(9) original family photographs and postcards, including farm east of Medicine Park, family members, Wildlife Refuge and one room schoolhouse near Olistee, Jackson Co., Okla. The photos were first accessioned with Lily Stafford as donor, in the 74-P32 collection. The collection's accession number was changed in 1979-P62. Married Virginia Morgan (1893- ) who was educated at Eldorado, Okla. public and high schools, Central State and Southwestern Teacher's Colleges. "She does some practical nursing, and keeps house." Image #8 is dated 1915, and depicts a one-room schoolhouse with "Mrs. Virginia" as teacher. Mrs. Virginia Reinwald's name appeared in the Lawton Polk Directories from

1979-P063 - Records, Nellie

(10) postcards and (10) negatives produced in-house. Seven images depict Medicine Park, two of Geronimo, and one of Burkburnett oil fields. FAMILY HISTORY: Nellie D. Records came to Lawton in 1901 with her husband, W.P. Records, who was in the lumber business. In the 1920s, the building was convedrted into a boarding house, catering to railroad travelers.

1979-P066 - Lattimore, Edith

(32) images in this collection (2 missing) including (22) postcards and (3) negatives produced in-house. Three accession numbers have more than one photo assigned to it. Images include Lawton landmarks, Medicine Park, picking strawberries, Native Americans in Camargo (OK), fishing, Fletcher, and various unnamed people. FAMILY HISTORY: Edith Dickson Lattimore ( - 1965) was born in Lawton, graduated from Lawton High School, and went on to the University of Colorado School of Nursing. She wasa nurse with the Lawton Public Health Service for several years, and resigned, ca. 1965. When the family was at their summer cottages near Custer, South Dakota., Edith became ill and collapsed,

1979-P032 - Ginter, Don

(2) cirkuit photos. Originals stored in Map Case, negatives on shelves. #1 = Lake Lawtonka (there are two originals of this and one negative; two more contacts of the left and right side individually are available to view in contact book, but no additional negatives in storage) #2 = Medicine Park (there are three negatives of this - one of entire image; two others depicting close-ups of left and right side individually) FAMILY HISTORY: There is a handwritten note in the records, indicating that Don was adopted, and G.A. and Hattie Gartinghouse were his true parents. In the Lawton Centennial book, Don, Sr. writes: "Don left Lawton High School in 1939 to enlist in the Army at Fort

1979-P056 - Burgess, L. Edward

(49) accessioned images, with (54) physical photographs (some duplicates). These are mainly early postcards, with views of Lawton, (5) views of Medicine Park, and (1) each of Craterville Park and the Wichita Mts. Negatives have been produced in-house for each image. L. Edward Burgess was a civil service employee at Ft. Sill. His wife's name was Ruth.

1979-P023 - Lawton High School

(33) images, (9) copy negs. Most dealing with Lawton High School and its faculty, students and activities. Included are (20) original photographs (eight of which are oversized), six tintypes, one ambrotype, one daguerrotype, and seven prints. Two of the older images are in their original (broken) cases. Nine negatives have been produced from collection's originals. Photo #12 has six different views of the school's museum. Photographers include J.E. Markham, Jennings, Call's Studio, and Bates Studio. DONOR INFO: Lily Stafford was one of the organizers and a long-time supporter of the Comanche Co. Historical Society (served on the Board of Directors for many years.) Born April 11, 188

1979-P030 - Wright, Gilbert

(2) cirkut photos from the early 1920s, #1 = Medicine Park, #2 = Lake Lawtonka. Negatives (a&b) have been made in-house of image #1. What has been documented about photo's provenance : "Found in attic of C.Y.A. Franklin home at 1711 Dearborn [the Wrights lived at 1709 Dearborn.] May have come from local hotel since the Franklins were friends of a man who owned a hotel around Lawton. There was a third photo [of] downtown Lawton, which was given to a lawyer (Burton?) and whose son Myran Burton ? now has it." FAMILY HISTORY: Gilbert Wright came to Lawton in 1956 or 1957 with the military, and was an officer at Fort Sill when he donated these photographs in 1961. He retired in 196

1973-P015 - Gensman, R.L., Mrs.

Box 1: #1 - #250 Box 2: #251-675, includes (127) postcards, 2 albums (one empty) and (3) negatives Box 3: not inventoried; 7 folders labeled: Alaska - Yukon trip, California trip, Carribean trip; Panana trip; Savannah Ga trip; fishing and golf, extras Box 4: not inventoried; 4 folders labeled criminal evidence, hunting - mountains, New Mexico and other matters and boxes, misc and oversized *215 photos of Medicine Park, Wichita Mts. (1900s-1920s), inclulding hiking , swimming, scenic views and aerials, Fish Hatchery, picnicing *56 photos of early Lawton, Burkburnett and Wichita Falls (1900s-1920s), including the McMahons (#127-131), trains wreck in Lawton, community and residential b