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Name Lake Lawtonka

Associated Records

1996-P010 - White, Catherine

(9) original prints of family and friends: #1 = Cache Valley School, 1923 #2 = on road, in front of Medicine Park sign, 1910s #3 = two girls on shore of Lake Lawtonka #4 = Audry Myers with chickens #5 = at Lake Lawtonka #6 = Bennet Studio, Erick, Okla. (Beckham Co.) #7 = Mr. ansd Mrs. Eastan #8 = Mrs. Taylor and two daughters #9 = portrait of Stella Slobodny FAMILY HISTORY: Catherine Myers White grew up in southwest Oklahoma. She was going to school in Mayfield, northwest of Sayre. Her parents lived in Lawton. Her husband, Cullen, returned to New York after fighting in Germany during World War I. He was sent to Camp Bowie (Fort Worth) and then discharged and returned to Lawto

1992-P006 - Plolemy, Margaret

(16) original postcards and prints front the Lawton area. Included are Medicine Park and the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. FAMILY HISTORY: none found

1992-P008 - Hendrick, Wyatt B.

(14) negatives and contacts of engineering projects Hendrick was involved with. Included are the dams at Lake Lawtonka and Lake Ellsworth and Roosevelt Stadium (later renamed Ron Stevens Stadium). Some images are aerial. FAMILY HISTORY: Wyatt B. Hendrick (1915- ) became an engineer for the city of Lawton in 1935. His first major undertaking was the installation of 5 miles of sanitary sewerline throughout the city. Next he was in charge of building Roosevelt Stadium (renamed Ron Stevens Stadium) which was a WPA project . One of the most important projects for the city of Lawton was the $450,000 reconstruction and raising of the dam at Lake Lawtonka. Hendrick served as engineer und

1988-P012 - Ludrick, Jack

(3) original images; #1 = Lawton Commandery #18 at Wichita Mountains. Sunrise Easter Service, 1935. Jack's brother, Bud, is identified in photo. Stored in Oversize Box D (7½" x 16½") #2 & #3 = Dam construction at Lake Lawtonka, 1939. FAMILY HISTORY: Jack Ludrick was an apprentice for the Lawton Constitution in 1930. One of his brother, Jesse E. Ludrick was a printer for the Lawton Constitution. Another brother, Alva J. "Bud" Ludrick (1903-1963) was a salesman for Larrance Tank Co. There was also a Julius A Ludrick (Jack's uncle?) who was chief engineer for Larrance Tank Co. Jack's father (Alva A.) was a boilermaker and became an engine watchman for the St. Louis and San Francis

Image of 2001-P008:00220 - Shelton, W.C. "Clyde"

2001-P008:00220 - Shelton, W.C. "Clyde"

Lake Lawtonka Dam Addition, 1953. Test on rods by Charlie Leslie and Wyatt Hendrick

1979-P059 - Unknown

(6) cirkut photographs and (2) oversized negatives all found without donor noted, and placed in collection named "Unknown". stored in Map Case D; copy negatives on shelf #1 = Camp Doniphan, 1917 #2 = Camp Doniphan, 1918 #3 = Lawton, 1918 #5 = Field Artillery School, 1941 #6 = Lawton High School, 1922 #8 = Medicine Park, 1922

1979-P063 - Records, Nellie

(10) postcards and (10) negatives produced in-house. Seven images depict Medicine Park, two of Geronimo, and one of Burkburnett oil fields. FAMILY HISTORY: Nellie D. Records came to Lawton in 1901 with her husband, W.P. Records, who was in the lumber business. In the 1920s, the building was convedrted into a boarding house, catering to railroad travelers.

1979-P032 - Ginter, Don

(2) cirkuit photos. Originals stored in Map Case, negatives on shelves. #1 = Lake Lawtonka (there are two originals of this and one negative; two more contacts of the left and right side individually are available to view in contact book, but no additional negatives in storage) #2 = Medicine Park (there are three negatives of this - one of entire image; two others depicting close-ups of left and right side individually) FAMILY HISTORY: There is a handwritten note in the records, indicating that Don was adopted, and G.A. and Hattie Gartinghouse were his true parents. In the Lawton Centennial book, Don, Sr. writes: "Don left Lawton High School in 1939 to enlist in the Army at Fort

1979-P039 - Sheppard, Dexter

(5) oversized photographs and (1) copy neg. Four images of Lake Lawtonka and the City Dam, and one image of "North Addition", 1920. no donor info avail.

Image of 2001-P008:00212 - Shelton, W.C. "Clyde"

2001-P008:00212 - Shelton, W.C. "Clyde"

Lake Lawtonka Dam Addition. 1953

Image of 1973-P009:00107 - Tilton, Mrs. H.M.

1973-P009:00107 - Tilton, Mrs. H.M.

Dam construction crew in front of Dam Hotel, Lake Lawtonka. E.P. Cannon 7th from left, standing.

Image of 1973-P021:00026 - Carney, Helen

1973-P021:00026 - Carney, Helen

Six unidentified men standing near bank with Lake Lawtonka in background. Windy day.

Image of 1973-P021:00027 - Carney, Helen

1973-P021:00027 - Carney, Helen

"Lake Medicine, Medicine Park." People standing on dam of Lake Lawtonka.

Image of 1973-P021:00039 - Carney, Helen

1973-P021:00039 - Carney, Helen

People walking on ice-covered Lake Lawtonka during winter.

Image of 1974-P006:00001 - McClure Estate

1974-P006:00001 - McClure Estate

"Lake Law-ton-ka, Medicine Park, Okla." Lake Lawtonka, looking at Mt. Scott. Postcard.

Image of 1974-P006:00003 - McClure Estate

1974-P006:00003 - McClure Estate

"Lake Law-ton-ka, Medicine Park, Okla." Lake Lawtonka, around what is now Robinson's Landing, with a pontoon boat in the water. Looking at Mt. Scott. Postcard.

Image of 1974-P029:00055 - Stafford, Lily

1974-P029:00055 - Stafford, Lily

"Group of men excavating for foundations of clear water wells for Lawtonka Filter Plant, Medicine Park, Okla. February 26, 1919"

Image of 1974-P029:00063 - Stafford, Lily

1974-P029:00063 - Stafford, Lily

"Construction of Dam #1 at Medicine Park. ca. early 1900s."

Image of 1974-P030:00004 - Schott, Dera

1974-P030:00004 - Schott, Dera

" 'Miss Lawton' on Lake Lawtonka, Medicine Park, Okla. First boat on lake, built by William Wick, H.G. Friedman, and John J. Schott. It later sank. Boat owned by Ben Howard." Postcard.

Image of 1974-P030:00024 - Schott, Dera

1974-P030:00024 - Schott, Dera

"Men and women sitting over a fountain in the Wichita Mountains." Actually at the bottom of the first dam at Medicine Park.